Meet Your Summer Stewards: Glenn


Hei Hei! My name is Glenn Lio! I am one of the Stewards at the American Semester Program at Michigan State University this summer. I am also currently a fourth year/senior student at MSU. My major is Global and Area Studies with a concentration on European Studies. I grew up in Taiwan, Michigan, and Shanghai; I’ve also lived in Sweden, Denmark, and Australia.

What I look forward the most this summer is the arrival of new international students in July. I like to meet and make friends with people from different cultural background from around the world. This summer we will have students coming from Australia, China, Denmark, Colombia, Taiwan, Austria, Mexico, India, and France to join our American Semester Summer short-course programme. Summer is my favourite season in Michigan. The average temperature in the summer here is around a nice comfortable 23 degrees Celsius. Michigan also has very long day light during the summer. The average sunset time is around 21:30 every day. This summer we planned heaps of fun extra-curricular activities for the summer short-course students. They include, kayaking, shooting, shopping, field trips, and different games. The activity that I look forward to the most is to play the American tradition—Capture the flag with the international students; as well as, going to Michigan style county fairs. We also planned weekend trips to Chicago, Mackinac Island, and Niagara Falls.

Besides working for the American Semester Program, I enjoy travelling, hiking, meeting different people, and going out dancing at clubs/bars with friends. So far, I’ve been to more than 30 countries. In the first half of this summer, I’ve gone to China, Denmark, and Norway. Next month, I am going to Taiwan with one of my best friends—a French girl for a two-week vacation. After I finish my work at the American Semester this summer, I am going back to Sweden on an exchange programme to finish my last undergraduate semester. But before that, I look forward to spending an awesome summer here with you guys here at Michigan State!


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