Meet Your Summer Stewards: Carol


Welcome! I am very excited to welcome you all to Michigan State University and the American Semester Program. My name is Carol Morales Roca and I am an undergraduate student here at MSU. I was born and raised in Lima, Peru and I have been living in the US for a little over seven years. I have moved from California to Georgia to Florida and now Michigan. I am studying Comparative Culture and Politics as well as Global Studies. I will be entering my third year at MSU in late August and I am sure it will be my best year yet. During my time here at MSU, I have had the opportunity to study abroad in Mexico and Costa Rica. I think that being of another country has encouraged me to travel to other places y it is extremely awesome that all of you have decided and have taken the initiative of spending a little time in the US. Part of MSU’s charm is the variety of things that one can do here. I have been involved with organizations that I never expected to find and it is great that this university offers so many things that allows everyone to gain new perceptions on a variety of topics and just learn so much. While I have lived in Michigan for two years, I still have to experience many things that are key features of the American culture and I am looking forward to exploring more in depth the American culture, as well as the other cultures that will be present, and even more excited about doing it while meeting many students from Australia, Mexico, France, China and more. The ASP team has put together a lot of fun events together that will introduce students to the American culture and the many aspects that are very unique to the United States. I am super excited to meet all of you and I can guarantee that these 3 weeks will be more than great!


Whatsapp: +1 517 391 6306


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