Student of the Week: Arooj

This week we’re highlighting Arooj, an ASP&E student from Pakistan.


Home country:  Pakistan

Home University and area of study:  Forman Christian College, Anthropology

Why did you choose MSU?
I couldn’t have gone to a better college than Michigan State University. The campus is not only beautiful, also accessible. From Grand River to the Spartan Stadium, and Red Cedar Riverwalk, I love all of it proudly wear green an white.

Arooj Detroit 1.jpeg

What is your favorite class?
My favorite class is definitely ANP 220, Gender in comparative perspective. It provides creative and well-rounded environment to learn about gender diversity in the world, that is open to new ideas and a great platform for discussion with my peers.

What do you enjoy most about ASP?
ASP has introduced me to many welcoming faces that made it a lot smoother to settle in to a new country and a completely different environment in the beginning of the semester.

What do you like about Michigan?
I love that there’s always a river nearby. I come from Punjab, which literally means “land of five rivers” in the local language. Red Cedar River on campus and others while travelling around like Detroit River makes it feel like home. I lived in a land of five rivers and now I am in a state with five great lakes!

What advice would you give to students thinking about participating in ASP?
The ASP is a great program for any international student. It’s very elaborate and takes care of the minute details about students settling in to a new country as well as the larger aspects like travel etc. The only advice I must give is to make sure you’ve got lots of warm clothes, a nice coat, gloves and hats so you can bundle up to fight the Michigan cold!

Arooj Detroit EditWhat do you hope to do while you’re here?
Other than academic activities, I hope to explore the many different aspects of American Culture through travel, community service, and lasting friendships. I also hope to introduce my friends to my Pakistani culture as much as I hope to learn about theirs.

What were you surprised by?
People here don’t eat ketchup on Pizza. It might sound weird, but it’s a very normal thing to do in Pakistan. It happened several times that I put ketchup with pizza and everyone just gasped like I’d done something wrong. But it makes up for a lot of fun memories!


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