Student of the Week: Mohamed

Home country: Cairo, Egypt.
Home University and area of study: American University of Beirut, Geology

edit mohamed.png

Why did you choose MSU?
The big campus which makes living on is not boring at all. University is like a little town. The variety of courses in nearly all possible fields was very attractive. Staying only for one semester made it difficult to settle down for some courses I liked and give up on other that I liked as much.

What is your favorite class?
ISP 205-Visions of the universe (astronomy)

What do you enjoy most about ASP?
It has been only one month for me here, so there is still so much to experience, however what I enjoy most about ASP is that it does not only offer a chance connect with the American culture but also with many other different cultures from all over the world through the diversity of students attending ASP.

edit mohamed 2What do you like about Michigan?
It is a state that has people from every background I could imagine. Also, It is close many big cities like Toronto in Canada and Chicago in Illinois.

What advice would you give to students thinking about participating in ASP?
I would advise them to go for it and actually come here and live such an experience themselves. It is important not to have expectations because there a lot of things to be surprised by here.

What were you surprised by?
How big the MSU campus is. I can -with no exaggeration- describe it as a little town. It is huge for a university campus, but I liked that. The resources available all over the campus enriches and improves my experience and time here significantly.


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