Meet Lewis, ASP&E Director

What has been your favorite travel destination, why?
Iceland has been one of my favorite travel destinations. I have been there four times. Icelandic hotdogs, puffin sashimi with mustard, and fermented shark top the list of the tastiest and most interesting culinary experiences I have ever had.  It’s also very easy to get around the island, it has a great party scene, and the locals are super friendly.

22770039_10155886090730409_7130871705534369526_oHow old were you when you went on your first international trip?
Technically, around 1. My mum shipped me off with some aunties to spend a year in Ibague, Colombia.  They eventually shipped me back.

When traveling, what’s your “must-see”?
I enjoy finding quirky hidden gems in any city that I visit. Most recently, I participated in real life Mario Kart through the streets of Tokyo.  I also enjoy visiting wildlife sanctuaries whenever possible.

Describe a time when you went outside of your comfort zone while traveling.
One of my least favorite foods is tripe.  As part of a First Year Seminar in Cameroon, Africa, we visited my professor’s home village.  We met the King of the village who served us a regional dish of tripe soup.  I didn’t want to be disrespectful, so I pretended to enjoy it. Truth is, my friend Drew next to me loved it. When he finished his bowl, I switched it out with mine under the table.

Describe your most memorable restaurant experience while traveling.
There are many but most recently, in Beijing, I went to a restaurant that was almost impossible to find. It only seated 10 people at a time and no advanced reservations.  It was an 8 course meal that 15178081_10154705198690409_3332089738736754462_nleft me wanting round 9.  You are about 6 feet away from the chefs preparing your meal. You also don’t know who you will sit with as all the meals are family style.  Turns out, I sat next to an MSU alumnae from Seattle, Washington.  Small world!

What’s remaining on your travel bucket list?
Greenland, New Caledonia, Bolivia, Madagascar, Algeria (about 78 left before I have traveled to them all)

What is your favorite seat on an airplane?
Aisle, never the first row though. I like room to store my bag in. I’ll only sit by a window if it is the emergency row and a 1+2 configuration.

15253611_10154703896270409_8590695381685691248_n.jpgWhat do you love about Michigan?
I am a huge fan of Northern Michigan in the summer. The water is still chilly but perfect for a hot summer’s day.  I especially like all the festivals throughout the Mitten, like the Cherry festival, ArtPrize, Taste of Ann Arbor and many more.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A Cryptozoologist

Best way to pack your bag? Roll or fold?
Stop, drop, and roll!


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