Learning Outside of the Classroom: Student Groups at MSU

I believe one of the best ways to enhance your experience at MSU is to join a club. I have always enjoyed playing sports. When was a child I took part in everything from rugby to gymnastics to swimming. I liked to stay active and try various sports. Even as I got older my attitude to trying new stuff out never disappeared. Just before I left home to come here, I joined my local American football club and created some fantastic memories and even better friends. Whether you are keen on being active or trying out new experiences, MSU has you covered. Joining an IM team is an easy way to meet and play with different student around the university in team sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball and many more. MSU even has a quidditch team. Yes. It’s a thing. There are a number of organized student sports clubs like Yoga or ski club. You are bound to find a place you will feel comfortable in.

groups editInterested in learning about new cultures? Well of course you are. That’s why you are considering studying abroad. MSU has over 800 registered student organizations. Many of those are cultural organizations. There are alone, 47 registered international clubs, each celebrating one of the worlds many cultures. These clubs often host shows and events, like the annual African Student Associations’ Gala and fashion show, also the Chinese Student Association organized a Chinese New Year celebration that was very well attended.

Greek life is very predominant in the USA. Although it comes with its problems. It is a very fascinating part of American culture that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world as well as it is here. With more than 60 Greek letter organizations, “going Greek” is a significant experience for 11 percent of the student body at MSU. The options are wide-ranging. Some Greek organizations are social and are primarily designed to help you meet friends and develop future professional contacts. Others are co-ed service organizations that focus on philanthropy and often volunteer at local and community projects. Professional Greek organizations are groups of students studying the same profession, such as law or medicine. Greek honors societies focus on a specific discipline or include high-achieving students from all academic fields. Greek organizations also include religious and ethnic groups.

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Just to mention a few favorites of previous ASP students. Outdoors club has had participants most semesters. They go on hiking trips or boat activities. It is one of the best ways to explore Michigan’s beautiful and unique landscapes. The university has a number of choirs and musical organizations. Students have been a part of the chamber choir and jazz orchestras (both singing and playing an instrument). Dance clubs come in numbers. One of our fantastic ambassadors is actually the president of the salsa club and we tend to all go as a group and have a great night.

You are going to have a great time while at MSU regardless, joining a club will just make it that much better.

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Savior Williams-Onuorah has been an ambassador since Spring 2017. Originating from London, England, he is a junior economics student with a love for traveling and meeting people from around the world.


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  1. Jennifer Williams says:

    You are truly a great example of what an international citizen of the future should represent.


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