Student of the Week: Arthur

Home country: Netherlands
Home University and area of study: Wageningen University, Management and Consumer studies29242485_1896580487054848_1780520704_o

Why did you chose to study at MSU?
I chose for MSU, because I am an American citizen, and I always wanted to go back. I love the American culture, mentality and I was very eager to experience the American college life.

What do you enjoy most about your program?
I like the America school system a lot. In the first week, I really had to adjust to this system, but in general, I think it’s good to have many classes and exercises, in order to improve your knowledge.


What do you enjoy most about Michigan?

I really like the diversity of activities you can do. I have been already to so many places: fraternities, bars, (MLK) conferences, sport evenings, etc. I will also be travelling a lot around the countryside in the future.

What is your favorite class at MSU? Why?
So far, I really like Human Resources. I am very eager to learn more about the psychology of employees within a company, and how you can solve structural problems with an innovative strategy.29404521_1896392350406995_1806920723_o

What has surprised you most about MSU?
The size of the campus. I was stunned when I heard that the extent of the campus was around 25 km2

What advice would you give a future student studying at MSU?
Take every opportunity to explore America and stay open-minded to meet new people.

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