Going Home: Reverse Culture Shock and the Importance of Self Care


So, you’re home. Even though where you just were for the past few months, or even a year, started to feel like home too. Now what?


That can mean a lot. Let us help you break it down.

This could be as simple as printing some pictures from when you were abroad and putting them up in your room, checking out spaces where you can share your experiences or help others as they prepare for their study abroad experiences. More personally, this could be as simple as trying to bring something you utilized or ate every day while abroad back home. For instance, when I traveled to Costa Rica I used Lizano sauce every morning at breakfast and found I could buy it on Amazon, that helped me adjust to being back home and made food at home much better. If you find yourself still struggling after trying a few of these tips, always remember there is no problem with seeking counseling from professionals as well as meeting with study abroad staff members to ease your transition back into your home culture. Lastly, changing time zones can have a massive effect on your body and mind, let your body readjust to a new sleep schedule as well as the culture. If there are cultural customs you feel connected to, bring it up to your roommates or your family and incorporate them into your life at home.

The best way to get over traveling blues? Start planning for future travels! Although you may be short on money after traveling, it doesn’t cost a thing to plan and look around online or on apps. I recommend using Hopper for flight tracking.

As you return home from being abroad remember that it’s a privilege to have had the experience, so share it widely with those who cannot go abroad and also with those who have been abroad to learn even more.



Authrene Ashton is a first year graduate student in the Student Affairs Administration Master’s program here at Michigan State University. She is hoping to work with first-generation college students in higher education when she graduates next May. She has traveled to Mexico and Costa Rica and is fluent in Spanish. She likes spending her free time traveling, trying new restaurants or coffee shops, and working out.




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