Meet Malahni: ASP Summer Steward

Year at MSU: Junior/3rd

Area of Study: International Relations


What are you watching/reading right now?

I’m currently looking for new things to watch and read!

What’s your theme song?

Oddly enough, I’m not sure if I have one!

Where did you study abroad? Where have you traveled?

I have not studied abroad while at MSU, but I was homeschooled in Abu Dhabi, UAE throughout my high school years. I have traveled to Cameroon, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Oman, England, Germany, and if it counts, I have crossed the border into Canada.

What’s a favorite memory you have from traveling?

After many years, I’m not sure if I have a favorite, however, I think one of the coolest memories I have ever made was during my solo quest in Germany. It was my first time traveling alone. While I was roaming Munich, I heard music coming from behind me, so as a curious person I followed it. As the music got louder, cars and people approached, marching with signs. I stumbled upon a peaceful protest! I followed the protesters and asked questions. After a few minutes, I saw officers put up a barricade, so I decided it was time for me to go, but the experience was so cool! While walking toward the train station, I stumbled upon a makeshift memorial for Michael Jackson.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer, in Michigan?

My favorite thing to do over the summer in Michigan is to travel to any of the lakefronts. I really enjoy picnicking, kayaking, and swimming.

Why did you choose MSU for your studies?

As a child who moved a lot, I really wanted to be back in a familiar place for my studies. I also really enjoy traveling, and MSU’s travel abroad program is excellent!

Where do you hope to travel to next?

I would really love to travel to Japan next! I’ve fallen in love with the photos of serene of places like Mount Koya, Nachi Falls, and the Sagano Bamboo Forest.

Typically, do you over-pack or under-pack on a trip?

I always tell myself that I will under-pack, but I almost always disappoint myself by over-packing. I’d rather be safe than sorry!

Airplane food: Hit or miss?

It depends on the airline! Some are a complete miss, others are a total hit. I really like the food on Etihad Airways.

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