Lights! Camera! Action!: What to Expect for #ASPsummer18


Hi, I’m Troy Hale.  I’ve been teaching Film and Journalism here at MSU for the past 10 years.  I’m an award-winning documentary filmmaker, and former TV Journalist.  I started in the business as a radio DJ.

What is the focus of your short course?
In my course we make 3 short films.  We will cover all the steps from idea generation, shooting, editing, marketing, screening, and film festival.

What can students expect to experience from your short course?
FUN!  We are making films!  It is quite a bit of work though.  By the end of the program, we should have a number of films that can be sent to Film Festivals.

What are some takeaways from your short course?
You’ll have a professional product that you can use on your reel.

What’s unique about this opportunity?
MSU has an incredible facility, cameras, and great faculty that will help you though the process.  Our past ASP films have been accepted into a number of film festivals.

What’s something you’re excited for that’s happening during your program?
I’m excited to see what ideas you come up with this year!  The ideas are what guide everything.

Why are you leading this short course?
MSU Pays me!  😀  Lol.  My MSU ASP students have been some of my best students.  Every year we produce incredible work.

Do you have any advice for students before they leave their home countries?
The program is a lot of fun, and it will go by very quickly.  So enjoy every second.



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