Meet Cici: ASP&E Ambassador

Year at MSU: Junior
Area of Study: Elementary Education

What are you watching/reading right now?
I am reading articles assigned by professor…

Where did you study abroad? Where have you traveled?
I was born in China. I am studying abroad in America now. I went to Mexico before.

What’s a favorite memory you have from traveling?
My favorite memory I have from traveling is the time that I went to Cancun with my boyfriend. Cancun has the really beautiful landscape and there are a lot of fun places. My boyfriend and I had a lot of fun there.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer, in Michigan?
Hot yoga is my favorite thing that I am doing in the summer.

Why did you choose MSU for your studies?
I am very interested in teaching kids. MSU has the best education program, which is reason that I transferred to here from Boston.

What was something about MSU that surprised you?
MSU has a really large campus and a really good education program.

Where do you hope to travel to next?
I hope to travel to Bahamas in next time.

Typically, do you over-pack or under-pack on a trip?
I don’t over-pack on a trip. If it is a short trip, I usually pack one backpack.

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