#ASPsummer18 Review, Notes from Kellie

July 2018 flew by for me and my staff, and I’m sure it did for our 130+ participants. This summer, we welcomed undergraduate students from Australia, China, and for the first time, Qatar. This mix of cultures and backgrounds was fascinating, exciting, and challenging – and that is what study abroad is supposed to be!

We travelled throughout the state of Michigan visiting Lake Michigan and Detroit. Half of our group enjoyed a few days in Chicago, while the other half had an adventure on the East Coast visiting Niagara Falls, Washington, D.C., and New York City. Over the course of just 5 weeks, students on our Short Course Programs learned to live in Michigan, but also experience diverse places in the United States. What an experience for them!


These students also learned a lot about themselves, and the subjects they chose to study while at MSU. Many increased their knowledge in alternative dispute resolution to add to their studies in Law (link to Law page on website) in their home country. We ran our first Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (link to page on web) during which students learned how to hone in on their startup ideas and be successful entrepreneurs. Our Film (link to page on web) students blew us away yet again by creating short films that are already being accepted to film festivals. Many of our students studied and English in the MSU English Language Center improving their conversational and writing skills while learning about American culture. And finally, our music students put on an incredible performance of their piano or vocal pieces they perfected with faculty in the College of Music.


The month of July is bittersweet for me each year. I work hard for about 10 months of the year to run programming for just about 5 weeks. It comes and goes so quickly, and all the hard work I put in with my student staff is put to the test in an instant. We work long days, but have so much fun getting to know each of our participants and strive to help them meet all of their study abroad goals. Hopefully our participants achieved many of their goals and will always hold a special place in their heart for East Lansing.

If you participated in our programming this summer, we hope to see you back on campus soon! On behalf of the Stewards and all the Ambassadors, I would like to thank you again for choosing to study abroad at MSU. We wish you all the best!



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