Top Rated Dining Halls

One thing is for sure when you come to study at MSU, there’s always going to be somewhere to eat.



Brody has absolutely everything you could possibly want out of a dining hall experience. Our tip? Check out the Cayenne’s, and grab the Queso and chips. There’s also tons of guac, if that’s your thing.


Snyder-Phillips Dining Hall on Oct. 11, 2010.

Snyder Phillips has some of the best food on campus, and definitely one of the best views of all the dining halls. If you’re a lover of salads, give their specialty entrée salads a try (the Tandoori Chicken salad is 💯).


The grand opening of Shaw Hall’s Vista dining facility

Crepes, friends. It’s all about the crepes.
Case has similar offerings to the previously listed dining halls, all delicious, but the dessert options definitely set this dining hall apart.


The grand opening of Shaw Hall’s Vista dining facility

Centerally located, recently renovated, Shaw dining hall is a great stop for many students on campus. Keeps your eyes peeled for the Jalapeno Mac ‘N Cheese.

Wilson – Late Night


The Hub, a made to order sandwich place, is the best spot to get some late night eats while you’re living on campus. Flavored wraps, with your choice of cheese, meats, and toppings, is light enough that you should have sparkly sparty dreams but still a happy and full tummy. Late night holds a special place in many Spartan hearts, so get your friends together and head out to share an evening meal.
Ultimately, you’ll find that people have a strong allegiance to the neighborhood they lived/live in, and their best dining halls are dependent on that.


BONUS: MSU’s Food Truck


Put your combo-X-change to good use, and grab some delicious food from the MSU food truck. Sliders, loaded french fries, and burgers all await you at this campus staple.


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