#PureMichigan: Why you should study in Michigan.

Michigan is a beautiful state, we experience all 4 seasons, are surrounded by 4 of the 5 Great Lakes, and you can even see the mitten from space!

Here’s a list of reasons to consider Michigan for your study abroad experience:

  1. Beautiful Landscapes


Locations like the Upper Peninsula, Mackinac (pronoucnced Mack-eh-naw) Island, and MSU’s own campus are wonderful green spaces perfect for a retreat into nature.

  1. Outdoor Activities

Students outside in Fall 2016

We LOVE being outside! In East Lansing, and the surrounding areas, there are loads of opportunities to hang out outside. Camping, kayaking, bike riding, and outdoor sports are extremely popular, and it’s easy to come by other people who are interested in these types of activities too. MSU actually has an Outdoors Club, you can find that club, and others, here.

  1. Nearby Cities

Chicago January Law 3

Not keen on going outside? No worries! With Grand Rapids, Detroit, Chicago, and even NYC not too far away, it’s easy to jet off for a weekend getaway in a new city. Not sure where you want to go? Ask one of our Ambassadors! No two are the same, but they’re all here to make sure you have the best experience possible.


  1. University Culture

Exchange Student at Football Game

Michigan State University is known for having a rivalry with the University of Michigan, and it’s something that many Michiganders get pretty hyped about. You’ll notice when you’re here that you’re a part of a huge MSU community, that extends all over the state (and don’t worry, people are pretty kind in the Midwest).


  1. Michigan Favorites

Faygo, Motown, Madonna, and Superman Ice cream are all related to Michigan, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg (oh yeah, we have those too).

There are so many more reasons to study in Michigan, but the rest you’ll have to find out for yourself. Just make sure you try some Vernor’s, take a trip to Meijer, and when you’re asked where you studied abroad use your hand to point to where East Lansing is in our wonderful mitten state.


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