Campus Snacks: Eating outside the Dining Halls

To start, we should make it perfectly clear that you can easily live off your meal plan and nothing else. There’s a huge variety of food, available throughout the day, and you can enter the dining hall as many times as you want. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out the website to find daily menus.


The best way to get a quick snack outside of the dining halls is by using your Combo-X-Change. At Sparty’s throughout campus you can grab A, B, and C items to make up one Combo-X-Change, of which you get 6 a week. To find out more go here.


Grand River
Need a break from the dining hall scene? Everybody’s been there. And there’s no better place to head than Grand River to feel like you’re stepping out of campus, without going too far. Tons of restaurants line the street, with perfect meal spots, or you can even head out and just grab dessert at places like Tutti Frutti or Insomnia Cookies.


Okay, midterms are over, and you feel like sitting in your room all day, watching Netflix? Yes, yes, and yes.

Before you bunker down for the some real self-care, hop on a bus (or grab an Uber) and head to Meijer. You can find almost ANYTHING at Meijer.  So grab a carton of iced coffee, package of popcorn, and pint of ice cream and you’ll be ready  for a great night in!

*Mini-fridges and microwaves are allowed in your dorm room, check with your roommate and see if they’re bringing one!


YOU ROCKED YOUR EXAM and now want to celebrate? Grab a nice dinner at one of Lansing’s favorite eateries. Many students make the mistake of going to MSU for their entire education, never stepping into Lansing, but with places like Old Town and Reo Town there’s no reason not to make it part of your adventures!

Use the internet to try and find some places you might like, and check out the City Pulse for recommendations as well.

Interested in learning more about our programs and exchanges? Take a look at our website,, where you can find a variety of resources.
Go Green!


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