Winter Activities in Lansing

Winter is here! And with that comes a variety of beloved winter activities (after all this is Michigan and we’re used to the cold). Below we’ve brainstormed a few ideas, but don’t forget to ask ambassadors and your classmates what some of their favorite winter activities are (minus Netflix, of course).

Mason Hall adorn with holiday lights

Ice Skating

Head over to Munn Arena and get a few laps of ice skating in.  Munn is located on campus, and easy to access for students. And if ice skating isn’t your jam? Check out a hockey game!

 Warm up with a Coffee

20121004.DLT6790-(ZF-5081-56022-1-001) smol

Lansing is home to many unique coffee spots. Want to go somewhere close to campus? Try Espresso Royale or Biggby (a Michigan staple). If you’re looking for more indie vibes, head into Lansing to visit Blue Owl Cafe, Mitten Raised, or Strange Matter Coffee.

Snow Tubing

At Hawk Island, located just off campus (and easily accessible by bus), you can go snow tubing, a fun winter activity that locals here love! Tubes are rented at Hawk Island, and you can even grab some hot coco at their winter snack bar!

A Jazzy Little Christmas

Senior Photographer

Every year the MSU Professors of Jazz and friends present their favorite holiday songs, and this year the performance is on Sat. December 15. Find out more about this performance, and others hosted by the MSU Music College, here.

Watch a Play at the Riverwalk Theatre


Okay, you can do this any time of year, but what better time to take advantage of Lansing’s growing theater presence? Check out the Riverwalk’s schedule to see if anything strikes your fancy, to see or to audition for. In addition, you could check performances at the Wharton Center, or the Peppermint Creek Theatre.


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