Going Home

Sometimes saying goodbye is the hardest part.


After returning home one very common experience for students is reverse culture shock. It’s hard to readjust to the life you had before your travels. You might find that while not much has changed at home, you’ve grown from all that you’ve learned and experienced abroad. Naturally, you might mind that you miss all the excitement and adventure of being abroad, so here’s a list of suggestions we’ve compiled to help you with your transition.


  • Frame your Experience
    • Hang up photos, or showcase souvenirs you got on your travels and remember all the good times you had, but also that you have the potential to continue to travel and have great experiences. Never thought you’d leave your home country, or the continent you lived on? Not only did you do that, but you rocked your time at an international university (hi future employers, it’s your dream candidate applying). Mentally frame your trip as an amazing experience, that’s helped you to grow and will continue to positively influence your life.
  • Seek out Cultural experiences where you live
    • Keep life exciting by trying new things where you live! Travel to a nearby town you’ve never been to, take up new hobbies that have always interested you but you haven’t had time for before.
  • Use Food to Soothe your Soul
    • Did you love Chicago Deep Dish pizza? Find a recipe online for it, or any food you miss, and invite your friends or family over to try it out! Share with them what surprised you about your travels, where you visited, or what you learned.
  • Plan your next trip
    • You might not be able to come all the way back to MSU (but if you do, be sure to check in with us!), but maybe there’s somewhere else that caught your eye. Or, if you didn’t get to see all the sights you wanted to catch in the US, you could take a chance to check off a few cities from your list. Yeah, NYC, L.A. and Las Vegas are cool, but have you been to New Orleans, Denver, or Boston? There are so many options when it comes to traveling, in or outside of the United States! The world isn’t going anywhere so if you’re feeling a bit down about taking a break from your traveling life, don’t fret too much, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.


Interested in learning more about our programs and exchanges? Take a look at our website, americansemester.msu.edu, where you can find a variety of resources.
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