The Team

IMG_0066Chris McKenzie

Program Director

– Best thing about MSU? The vibe at MSU is awesome. We say as soon as you set foot on our campus you are a Michigan State Spartan for life and it is proven over and over again with each international student that comes to campus.
The other thing that is cool about being an MSU student is that our campus definitely has a ”work hard play hard” mentality. What I mean by that is that we are a top 100 academic institution in the world but also have a very social community of students.

CLOCK_KellieKellie Clock

Program Coordinator

– Favorite place that you’ve traveled?  Krakow, Poland. Because of the history, the culture, and there are just so much to do in the city. Whether you are a history buff or just fun and quirky thing, you can just find it there. And I find people to be really friendly there.

– Best thing about MSU? That you’ll find the world on this campus. There are student, faculty, and staff from around the world. And you can experience many different culture right outside your door.


SHERIDAN Doreen 2 copy
Doreen Sheridan

Program Coordinator

– Favorite place that you’ve traveled? West coast trip: Grand Canyon and San Francisco. Well I’ve lived in the Mid west and the east coast and of course Germany. So from that perspective, the trip to the Grand canyon is a natural monument that you usually just get to see on the pictures. And SF, because the people are very laid back its not a s overwhelming as NYC.

– Best thing about MSU? The campus in general and the opportunities that students have. Coming from a small school, its amazing to have the infrastructure to have students engaging in different opportunities. And of course Sparty and the ice cream.

IMG_0058Alex Sylvester

Graduate Steward

– Favorite place that you’ve traveled? The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. It’s just kind of like you’re in another world. Cause it makes you feel like you’re in a another world. Because its so geographically different than the US. And Harry Potter was filmed there which is cool. I’ve also lived in New Orleans and loved it!

– Best thing about MSU? Because there are so many students, you are more likely to find somebody who shares your interest even if it’s more scarce.

Version 3Glenn Lio


– Favorite place that you’ve traveled? Samoa. Cause there are many nice beaches there. All the Samoan people I met there were extremely friendly and hospitable. Samoa also has a strong culture that’s relatively unaffected by globalization.

– Best thing about MSU? We have a stuffed polar bear specimen in the lobby of the Natural Resources Building!! We are also one of the best Unis in the US for international studies. The term “Third Culture Kid (TCK)” was originated from MSU!

IMG_0059Julianne Lake


– Favorite place that you’ve traveled? Favorite place you’ve traveled: West Lake, HangZhou, China. I think it has a lot of natural beauty. I took a boat ride on the late and I saw a lot of lotus flower blossoms. I also got to visit a couple of tea farms there and tried very authentic Chinese tea.

– Best thing about MSU? Best thing about MSU: How big it is and how there’s always something going on. There’s always something to do or somewhere to go even it’s just hammocking or walking around campus. I also love the variety of restaurants.

IMG_0057Carol Morales


– Favorite place that you’ve traveled?  San Jose, Costa Rica.
Because I felt that it was a very relaxing nice place to hangout and walk around and to meet people. Everything about Costa Rica is just so good.

– Best thing about MSU? It offers you a lot of recourses to gain new perceptions on a variety of topics and you can learn so much here!